Our financial stability can be fragile at times and when circumstances don’t go to plan it can be difficult to cope with things on your own. Ross and Cromarty CAB Money Advice service can help individuals, couples or families who are struggling with or worried about debts, we can help you decide the best course of action for your personal circumstances.

When dealing with problems around debt always remember that it won’t go away and that early action is always the best course of action.   To get started, complete our Money Advice Pack below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to help you figure out what is best for you.

Money Advice Pack

We can help with:
  • Options for dealing with Debt

There are many different options for dealing with debt. What is applicable will be determined by your own circumstances. Our national website, Citizens Advice Scotland has produced information outlining options including Debt Arrangement Schemes, Trust Deeds and even asking for the debt to be written off.

  • Dealing with priority debts

It is important when discussing options though to identify what we call ‘priority debts’. These debts are categorised because not paying them would result in particularly serious consequences. Examples of priority debts are:

Mortgage or Rent Arrears: If these aren’t paid you could lose your home

Child or partner maintenance: If this goes unpaid a a wages arrestment could be sought or your bank account frozen, ultimately you could be sent to prison if the arrears continued to be unpaid.

Utility Bills: If you don’t pay your utility bills you could be cut off.

  • Budgeting

Whatever else it’s always a good idea to work out a budget for you or for your household. Sitting down to work out a budget can help you to understand more about where you are spending your money. Remember though that you need to be completely honest with yourself about your budget otherwise it will never work. If you spend £2.50 on lunch at the shop every work day then forgetting to include this can have a big impact on your weekly or monthly budget.

To help you think about you budget the link above will take you to Advice guide and includes a budgeting sheet for you to work with. Don’t forget that we would be happy to talk to anyone about how to put together a realistic budget and about how to communicate that information to creditors.

We also help with:
  • Understanding credit
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Bankruptcy
  • Understanding financial services

Specialist Advice

We are a referral agent for the Highland Foodbank, who provide emergency food to those in desperate need.  You can find out more on our Highland Foodbank project page here.

Our Midwifery Income Maximisation Project can help pregnant women from across the Highlands make the most of their money so that you can support your family best.

Our Team

Chris Spence – Money Advice Team Leader


Estelle Kerr – Money Adviser

Get in touch

You can contact our money advice team directly on 01349 885930, visit one of our bureaux or get in touch with us online to find out more about how the Ross and Cromarty CAB can help you:

Alness BureauDingwall BureauTain Bureau Make an enquiry online

What to bring to the CAB

Here are some documents and information that it would be useful for you to have when making an enquiry with us:

  • Details and proof of income
  • Wage slips/benefits/tax credit details
  • A copy of recent bank statements from the last month
  • Details of your household spending and bills (food, utilities etc.)
  • Details of all those who you owe money to (creditors)
  • A copy of all your original agreements
  • A copy of any relevant court papers
  • A copy of any correspondence you have

Useful Links, Leaflets and Factsheets

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Financial Conduct Authority – Consumer advice and grievance handling for financial products

HM Revenue & Customs – Information on tax, tax credits and National Insurance contributions

Money Advice Scotland – Help for those with money problems

Money Management – Advice from Citizens Advice Scotland

National Debt Line Scotland – Free, confidential helpline for those with debt problems

Options for dealing with debt – Advice from Citizens Advice Scotland

Dealing with priority debts – Advice from Citizens Advice Scotland

Payplan – Free debt management plans, IVAs and debt advice

TV Licensing – Purchase or find out about TV licences

UK Power – Price comparison website for gas and electricity suppliers

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