Case Studies

We are immensely proud of our work here at the CAB, and while all of our clients receive confidential advice – we have a few stories that our clients have been willing to share to show exactly the sort of thing that the Ross and Cromarty Citizens Advice Bureau can help you with:

Housing and Homelessness Project

A client presented at the bureau looking for help with an eviction notice. We ascertained that she had been sent a decree for eviction from her property due to mortgage arrears. The client was very distressed. She had been referred by her GP to a psychologist for depression and the client was so distressed she had stopped opening her mail.

The project made an application for Mortgage to Rent on the client’s behalf and the project worker also contacted the homeless prevention officer at the local authority. The project was able to recall decree at court whilst the Mortgage to Rent application was under consideration.

Due to the project’s intervention, the client was able to remain in her home, considerably easing the stress and psychological burden on her. The Mortgage to Rent application was successful, ensuring the client didn’t become homeless.

Find out more about our Housing and Homelessness Project here.